Severity That Kills

The world is cruel
God too can’t save me
Legitimate time has arrives
Once and for all
Leaving behind all my sorrows
They’ll know why tomorrow
The whickering birds outside seems to agree
And nodded
Like a scarecrow

Commitments are failing
Financial is depleting
No more compromises
Deadline is getting near and demise
Pay up
Or roll up

My wife is unemployed
My kids are too young
To understand the stigma
Flamboyant life
Addicted to gambling
Bad loans
And ailing business
Has made my life a mockery
To society

I couldn’t put a brake
Or taking a break
I’ve gone too far without realizing
Things has gone awry
And scary
As far as the ocean can be seen
That’s the distance if I could ever justify my sins
My head is clogged
Soon it will lead to hemorrhage
No more sympathy
And empathy
For me
And for them
The ones whom I loved
Who are now sleeping peacefully
In their rooms
Without knowing
A tragic episode
Is knocking their doors
Closer and closer

Tick tock of the clock
Reminds me how much time is left
For me to live
The brighter side was
I’ve invested in an insurance scheme
Heavily to cover all deaths
As much payout as it seem
To ease burden and debts
For the ones whom I leave behind

An hour pass midnight
I look at them for the last time
Tears flooded my forsaken face
Sweet memories revived
I smile for a little while
Put everything to rest
Pay it with my lives
Lethal dose of morphine
Will laid me into a coffin
And for Suzie
Cleo and Eugene
This is not the scene
You would like it to be seen
Forget me not
Don’t let it rot
Back and forth
Our memories will stay afloat

by Sulaiman Mohd Yusof

Comments (2)

Truly, life is an endurance where for a moment death seems embracing.
IN DEATH THERE S PEACE, , , just be openminded to accept reality...whatta poem hon..