Sex Appeal

Why is it all about the sex appeal?
So much so that sex locks the deal.
Does the tight dress and low-rider buy love?
What ever happen to innocent like the dove?
When the girl sought was the guaranteed virgin.
What’s happening to this world we live in?
For sex appeal many are anorexic,
This is disgusting and it is simply sick.
Self-worth is at its lowest lows,
Premarital sex is the way life goes.
He says open your legs to prove the love is real,
Do this and much more that your virginity he steals.
Now 17 and pushing 5 in the baby carriage
Because she did not wait until marriage
And for the kids and her daddy is long gone
It was just sex to him, he did see baby born.
No wonder 50% get divorced after wedding,
It is because before marriage they were bedding.
And husband or wife is not the best hey ever had,
For pieces of self were given to Tom, Jim and Chad.
You see in sex the woman and man become one,
So after your first love, you are half, you are not one…

Copyright © 2009 Leslie Alexis

by Leslie Alexis

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