(June 15,1942 / Aravayal, karaikudi, Tamil Nadu, South India)

Sex Originates From Thoughts

There must be a woman in brain,
By seeing her in person or from a print
Or by visualization of her image,
Without which there is no arousal,
Without which there is no erection,
And without which there is no emission.
An image of woman in imagination
Is in action at the time of orgasm.
Copulation and masturbation
Alike demand that requirements.
Even for the sleep emission,
Must there be a woman in dream.
A woman in brain is a must
To serve you as sexual stimulant.
18.04.2001, Pmdi

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No, sex does not originate in thoughts. Pleasure does. If you meet an attractive woman in person, that has nothing to do with thinking. Arousal is immediate. But yes, watching an image of a beautiful woman in a photo, or imagining her, does have to do with thought. We must make a careful distinction between an image of a woman and actually meeting a woman. In the latter case, arousal is directly related to perception and desire. Sex is a natural biological act which may or may not be based on thinking, depending on the situation.