Sexes To Queen Women-Cauchy3

Beautiful shrouds and sexton beetles!
Powers starved are evil needs.
Live quantities are love dilemma.
Very born lives are so abominable.

Power papers are fates on lots.
Jolly sticks are sinking smokes.
Desires excuses are sex plums.
All sexes are good sums.

Sexes’ exclusions are love zones?
Create by thoughts and take any shows.
Yellow spells and orange robes!
Labeled sexes are loves who glows.

Queen well smiles with worms.
Glue to powers an object to loves.
A v knots on surface with digging O.
All are seas of deep driven songs.

Queen dynasty is sugar tarts.
Tars and feathers are bees but no gases.
Waxed up nouns are counts up loves.
Counter is to accept where franchise are moneys.

Gods’ jobs are with evil minds.
Loves with mini fires are started.
No prides to your queens but love her prizes.
Double duties are gentle added.

Sit on fonts with webs to faces.
Stand on proud and deliver loves.
Sages are clave on magic to flat.
Bounces are buns and butterflies are sofas.

Sages are slaves and queens are experts.
Happens are addressed when loves oriented.
Love have no queens is dead letters.
All are clean slates with bogies.

Sexy are queens and orders are powers.
Go up Gods are down to dogs to access.
Step by step you control over.
Pure flowers made to tarts.
--Cheung Shun Sang=Cauchy3--

by cheung shun sang

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