(04 October 1943 / Germany)


May I give you this rose
to reward your raw beauty,
and may I come close?
I would make it my duty
to inspect all your features
with a critical eye.

I must say that some creatures,
right at first, are quite shy,
so don't worry, be happy
when I breathe down your neck,
I am just an old chappie
from Florida Tech,
who is researching breeding,
you know, like in SEX.

What the world might be needing
is to tighten and flex
its dumb pre-occupation
with making new babies,
if you take fornication
it is much worse than rabies.
So if you would not mind,
let me smell your pale skin,
may I come from behind
and then kiss your square chin,
let me nibble your lobes,
get a feel of your breasts,
I brought with me some probes
that will show us what's best
for a woman like you,
who is single and looking,
and, who out of the blue,
on her way home to cooking
meets a man of great science.

Is this turning you on?

You are not an appliance
and you know I'm not done.
With the help of the masses
in these projects, we're able
to divulge in our classes
why the birth rate is stable.
Yes, I know you'd like THIS,
would you mind if we went,
for the study of BLISS,
to my research tent?

And the man spoke such magic
that she fell hook and line,
but the sinker proved tragic.
Lady Luck did not shine.

by Herbert Nehrlich

Comments (3)

The 'breathe down your neck' line got me. Then you spoilt it all and the mood by making me think. :) - Nevertheless, H... breathless. excellent. And stimulating. t x
Is this the one, H? If so, I honestly don't see what the big secrecy was all about: it's a fun, adult poem, but nothing over the top. I like it, is the bottom line. Warm regards, Gina.
Nice lesson to learn.... ;)