I Don'T Know If History Repeats Itself

I don't Know if history repeats itself
But I do know that you don't.

I remember that city was divided
Not only between Jews and Arabs,
But Between me and you,
When we were there together.

We made ourselves a womb of dangers
We built ourselves a house of deadening wars
Like men of far north
Who build themselves a safe warm house of deadening ice.

The city has been reunited
But we haven't been there together.
By now I know
That History doesn't repeat itself,
As I always knew that you wouldn't.

by Yehuda Amichai

Comments (4)

You are very impressive.
I can't believe I missed this for such a long time! ! ! I love it, Ivor. Funny, and well-written as always, :)
This is a thoroughly satisfying poem with a stylistic polish that would rival Hilaire Belloc. Don't think your conclusion is too bad either. Great fun. love, Allie xxxxxxxxx
haahaa brilliant. just answer with a nod I know it's late lol