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Sexual Heat
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Sexual Heat

Most of the world
Have learned to despise
The words master and slave,
But many still endear
The phrase husband and wife
Despite the ownership nature
Of this historical relationship.

And many still worship a God
Who wants everyone
To grovel and kneel,
To be subservient
To accepted ideals
From illiterate tribal times.

I don’t seek a wife
But an equal lover
Pursuing the same sexual heat.

And I don’t seek a Deity
Endowed with a super ego
But incapable of minute compassion.

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Comments (5)

You sure know how to write poems that get people 'thinking' huh Uriah? Nice job. I like your stand on marriage and I agree with it. Being partners is the only way to make it work. (in my opinion) Sincerely, Mary
Very good poem expressing laudable sentiments
The comments here show we are a bit like the blind men and the elephant. Is that the fault of the poem or the reader? I might add that good marriages are equal in partnership, not 'slave and master' and some of us worship a compassionate God. Raynette
Simply but nicely put Uriah. I liked this one. Big truths!
Good write...if more people felt that way there might be less problems in relationships.