Sexual Molestation(2) (Terrible Uncle)

There was a news about a terrible uncle,
who sexually molested a young girl
who was his own niece,
whose heart felt like cut and cleaved.
He had been molesting her for about 3 years.
Her home became like a sex prison cell.
Her life became so horrible.
She wrote down in diary her painful ordeal.
For the rest of her life, it would never heal.
From school year 4th to 6 th grade.
2-3 sex per week, her uncle routinely made.
It was a total of 205 times.
He must not go unpunished for the crimes.
For each guilty verdict, it was 7 years and 2 months.
He knew too late that there was no free lunch.
It was calculated to be a total of 1469 years.
He would die and rot as a prisoner.
But a little kindness was shown by the lenient judge.
Ordering him to serve the jail term 'simultaneous'.
So 1469 years became a sentence of 14 years.
For making the girl suffer in silent tears.

by U Win Kyi

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