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Sexual Molestation (3) (Signs Of Molestation)

She complains of lower abdominal pain.
She feels as if her energy is drained.
She thinks her body is dirty.
her soul is sinful and guilty.
She always feels lethargic and sleep-deprived.
She thinks life is not worth living and wants to suicide.
She always feel lonely and is socially withdrawn.
Sadly gazing at the other children playing on the lawn.
She feels the nights are very, very long.
She has nightmare of chasing greyhound.
With awkward steps, she always walks,
due to swollen and bruised genitals with pain which is nonstop.
Her grading in school remarkably slips
as her morale drops to a bottomless pit.
These are some signs of sexual molestations.
the parents need to look for in observation.

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Hard-hitting and very relevant 10++++