KB ( / Dallas, Texas)

Sexual Slave

When I was young,
I was government poor.
Inside and in love,
learning sex from a whore.
She said that all I'll ever need,
is what she has I'll some day see.
I'll crave it like hunger,
and when hungry you eat.
If theres no food at home,
theres food on the street.
She feed me a lot,
and a lot I did eat.
At 11 years old,
this meal on my sheets.
She started this life of hunger I crave,
she taught me to feed in so many ways.
She even showed me,
when she couldn't help.
Ways of feeding my hunger,
all by myself.
I'm always hungry,
and I always crave.
Pleasures my master,
I'm a sexual slave.

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Comments (2)

I am a Sexual Slave too... this you know rings so true in my life... and to the best of men this happends to and girls even though many dont like saying it... but many people have this problem your not alone... Promise. it is truly sad that you started at such a young age, I was just 16 for a month or so.this is written well.good job. Becca
very interesting poem. I like the angle you take in a hard subject. Nice close! ! ! !