Loving Meadows

Imagination takes a different view
As the sky turns paisley in shade
Held in the embrace of your charms
Much like the lilt of a serenade
Solid we are together
Tender yearning churns heated
Radiance of summers sun beams
'Twil never be defeated
The two of us upon a summer blanket
Hidden in verdant meadow
Searching one anothers soft skin
Floating in loves sultry glow
Exploration upon this body voyage
'Tis novel and new to we virgins of this green tinted sod
Longing for sweet unity
Working our way towards surrender
Aiming for that first free flow go
Wrapped totally in a cocoon together
Feelings swelling to high cresendo
A burst of light thus flashing
A pulsating in frontiers never found
Answering that long held question
In love-In this moment-We're heaven bound!

by Theodora (Theo) Onken

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