Sh Sh Pregnant And Not Telling Him

Poem By krystal vincent

hes in jail, again
I visit him.
I stay on the safe subjects.
saying nothing about the baby
Im pregnant again
it's his
I'm not telling him
dont know if its best
dont even know how
so I just keep silent
sooner or later my belly will get bigger
he will figure it out.
for now i say nothing
I'm pregnant again
it's his
i dont tell him
i dont make a sound.
silence is best i think for now.

Comments about Sh Sh Pregnant And Not Telling Him

Its really beautiful, when you read the poem you can exactly feel this woman.Sometimes in life silence is the only solution! Somethings should be always keep in hearts. GOOD JOB
Listen to your heart, Krystal. Somewhere deep inside our soul knows the truth and if we manage to get really quiet it speaks through our heart and is there to guide us through any difficult situation we face

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