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Shabby Chic Meets Ikea
SG (2nd October / London)

Shabby Chic Meets Ikea

From a very early age
I’ve labelled everything
From music, clothes and movies
To books and filling

I categories people
By styles that suit them best
I imagine all their houses
to put theory to the test

I’ll give you some examples
“Blaire” is beige corduroy
My mum is Marks & Spencer’s
And “Bush” a country boy

Eminem is trailer trash
The queen would be antique
And up until just recently
I was Shabby Chic

I made this observation
And saw my mortal sin
When I noticed that in all my rooms
Ikea had moved in

It startled me at first you see
Because I’ve always thought
Ones personality reflects
In things that one has bought

So if this is the case of it
I have gone to pot
From exquisite work of art
To white Formica rot

It looks great if it isn’t moved
Or man handled too much
Its hidden imperfections
Aren’t seen unless you touch

So is this what I’ve come to be
Shoddy workmanship
A piece of make-do furniture
That will end up at the tip

I don’t believe this can be true
I have far too much class
I’m Shabby Chic through and through
Ikea’s in the arse

I’m not Swedish either.

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Comments (4)

Then you could be like redneck southerners, where fling becomes FLANG and thing is THANG....all in the eye of the beholder! ! Terrible funny, and by the way, Gyps, I too am shabby chic, with more emphasis on shabby than chic! ! Love ya, SKARLOT
Wicked Gyps! ! Can you imagine me? I've always kinda thought of you as bohemianish lol! ! Moyaxx
I appreciate your comments Pete but it depends how you say filing really. I say it and read it with empasise on the syllables Fi-a-ling, like violin. Thanks anyway. Gyp's
It goes with a nice swing except for that 'filling' in the first stanza. Could you put instead something like, e.g.... I've loved to label things / Like music, clothes & movies / Books, jewelry and rings? Just a suggestion.