Helios The Creator Of Every Morning

Helios the creator of every morning
Four billion years burning, star of life
Warmth giver of life’s blessing,
Eyeless growth stretching upward
Rolling seas greet land with cyan waves.
The creation of Evolution’s sculpture
Carves the living coping with the unstoppable
March of time in the times environment,
Talons grow, sabre teeth shine, and wings spread
Jumbo footprints futures history, bones to show
Upright man walks fire in hand, destiny’s child.
Helios burns and commands the moon to shine
Man begins to think, to build living power
Pyramids climb to the sky
Stonehenge stands to defy.
God survey’s his making, Jesus is born
The wind of faith blows in every land,
This drinks the saviour’s rain
He died to save our souls, and
Tie us all together with human bonds of love, and
All is sown across our earth, the universe, and all the stars above.
This beautiful blue earth we must live and rule with love.

by Ken e Hall

Comments (4)

that is drawing an image I will never forget
Wonderful picture of the manifestations of nature presented in the form of an equally wonderful poem rich in rhythm and rhyme. Thanks for sharing it here.
Heading upstream! ! Nice work.
What a Picture! You paint with words in such a lovely way. Never stop writing. Thank you.