Daring To Notice

Barrels of resignation float upon waves,
tranquil and precise, forming new outlets
for past memories.

Shaping eccentric sculptures with inner
artistic abilities, bringing them to life
within musical rhythms of candid sight.

Beginnings of natural formation twist,
turning into nights of imagined images.

Relating everything with candlelight auras
while remaining still in embraces of

Wandering alone into territories,
undiscovered and yet feel like being home,
dancing into spheres of pious contemplation.

Daring to notice the feelings, at last
showing themselves to a poet of natural

Forests building themselves, abounding,
teeming into twilight's last gleaming on

by RoseAnn V. Shawiak

Comments (4)

that is drawing an image I will never forget
Wonderful picture of the manifestations of nature presented in the form of an equally wonderful poem rich in rhythm and rhyme. Thanks for sharing it here.
Heading upstream! ! Nice work.
What a Picture! You paint with words in such a lovely way. Never stop writing. Thank you.