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Shade Creek
( / Frackville, Pennsylvania)

Shade Creek

Stone warts and fungus growing on solid rock
With clinging pubescent leaves of hairy stock,
Causing the swift waters to spread and sprawl,
And move downstream as if in a crawl.

At various points the water would pool
And foam and eddy clear and cool.
A variety of fish could be seen
Near the vegetation's spreading green.

Where eager fishermen cast their line
In hopes that the baited hooks work just fine.
Where fearless boys would cross the creek and ride
The grapevine swing to the other side.

Where stacks of sod and rocks were in a row
To hold back the water for a swimming hole.
Where boys would skinny dip or sit and sun
On the dam's breast in the old Shade Creek run.

Still, on and on Shade Creek will flow
Into the Stonycreek River's undertow.
As boys and time cross on the swing,
Shade Creek will continue to rush and sing.

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