Summer photos recall smoothies and wrestling games:
July bodies all
In shades of Welsh's caramels, blurring together from sun ray kisses,
Beach tans contrasting the pure white in our eyes
Echoing Hershey sea pupils.

Birthday picture:
Four pairs of glasses, two women, one man, one man-child, two boys:
Sweaty foreheads in sun-streaming window
Peering from orange kitchen
Lit by six birthday candles.

Winter photos mark the arrival of the Alaskan brother;
He and Mom wear iced hazelnut coffee, a dash of milk
The man-child and older boy
Stains of chamomile tea dried overnight on white tablecloth
Youngest, Dad, and I glow like cream frosting on the gingerbread house.

Pizza picture:
Two sets of dreds: one set real, the other set felt strips on youngest's snow hat
Three boys: two in body, one in spirit
Hungry grinning cheeks,

glistening with dried tomato oil.

by gina prettybrowneyes

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