Shades Of Autumn

I felt it in the air today
Summertime's demise,
The crispness of the morning air
Caught me by surprise;
I should have known the time was near
I've felt it coming on,
The urge to rearrange the house
Has lately been so strong;
I need to have the carpets cleaned
And paint the children's room,
Hang some cheerful curtains up
To chase away the gloom;
For winter can't be far away
As falling leaves predict
That soon the branches will be bare
And all the flowers picked;
When the air is clear and vibrant
And the dogs bark far away,
I know it won't be long before
Autumn's here to stay.

by Linda Ori

Comments (3)

My favourite time of the year and love the onset of it 10 Thanks Daniel
Linda, I agree with Jim a bit, ... this has been done a lot though! That is not to say that you did not do it well! If I may say... Autumn does the same to me ! The season always makes me happy with it's colors, and in a way it makes me sad too! At least until the world outside looks like a great big birthday cake, all frosted! B.V.A.
I'm amazed there are no comments here Linda. This is lovely. A genty evocative foretelling of autumn's arrival. Highly scenic language and just the right amount of detail all within a very structured evenly tempo'd form. Superb and very apt writing xx jim