Shades Of Gray

The silence closes around me.
I shiver.
You are gone,
And I am alone.
I am alone
In a vast gray world,
Because you took the color
With you.

Like a kitten,
I roll myself
Into a ball,
Shutting the grayness out,
Holding your warmth
To me
For a little while.

by Scarlett Treat

Comments (7)

I feel the pain, nice one.-----Melvina
I find this poem heartwrenching. I have felt that pain before...
A beautiful picture tenderly written.
Scarlett... well done...the MIND is a strong engine, yet paled in staits by the veneration of the HEART.....Tis a difficult effort to lay down ones Passion, and not walk away without threads of Yesterday still bound to them..NICE WRITE..... '''''''''''''''''''''''''''FRANK.
Strong emotion here (Because you took the color With you) ... well-expressed. We find comfort where we can. The image of one rolling into a ball like a kitten, seeking warmth (comfort) - very effective. A moving write, dear heart. Love, Esther
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