Shades Of 'Grey'

today among all days, I am proud to be me,
Our fore-fathers fought to severe old chains,
So yes, I am black, and truly proud to be free,
I am proud my skin stays black, whatever the season,
So proud my head is always fixed high, whatever the reason,
Pride swells within my chest at every glance of this skin,
So dark, so outspoken, so bold, call it nothing less than a true blessing,
Our ancestors made willing sacrifices just so we could be,
now they can smile wherever the lie for we pride ourselves in being both black and free,
So simple yet deep; absorbing all that surround it,
Complex, a bit shallow....discarding all who denounce it.
Each journey I take it's mounted on my back,
they can see it; as they will, for even the name remains 'Black! '

by Phantom Anonymous

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