HM (august 30 93 / England)

Shades Of Red

i dont know why
but the sky tonight looks just like you
when you are mad
last night you told me you were sad
and so i wrote down why you could be
and i discovered that there was no reason to be
you have all you need
and even better you have me
there is no one luckier than you

i can change a mood at a blink of an eye
and no one notices but when i look at you
i am suddenly relaxed
we fit together
kinda like penut butter and jelly
so i just dont understand
why you were so mad
the shade of red in the sun setting
is just the same as the one i imagine on your face
when you are mad
it is kinda like a cartoon
where smoke comes out of their ears and
their faces turn that shade of red
but thats not the only red you turn
when i make you laugh you turn a pink
its really cute
and still you dont realize
all i want to do is make sure that youre happy
to dont turn the angry shade of red
and i will try to see the sun as the same color as your heart
a loving red with so many feelings

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