Sexy Lady

Ladies, know this!
It is not about your skimpy dress
Or you skinny jeans that makes you sexy
It’s the confidence you are oozing
To me, that is being sexy
Hold your man and tell him this
Its ok baby
I got your back honey
And don’t worry about me
I will make you see
How much you mean to me
As long as we are happy together
Nothing else that matter
I know I will be here forever
To create our sweet ever after
It’s not just the laughter I am after
I will still be here even if skies darker
Making your baggage lighter
Forever we will be walking together
We will swim thru this phase of live
Knowing love will keeps us alive
Let not lies coz you to 'die'
Keep the light in your heart
You may find what you like

by Happy Place

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amazing. I can't say much more it's just amazing