Poem Hunter
LF (12/30/88 / tulare, ca)


Have you ever felt like there's more to life besides the smiles and the faces. The feelings and betrayals. The laughter and the tears.

Have you ever walked down a street one night feeling like your being watched but yet you didn't turn for fear of what you might see.

Have you ever felt that you were falling through a black hole and that the shadows were reaching for you but not to pull you up but to bring you down and all you can think is, ' someone, help me, please, their pulling me under to the shadows deep down where they won't let me go. My breathe leaves me. slowly i'm suffocating. focus getting worse by the second. And all i can ask for is for forgivness, that someone might take pity on me. And on my last sigh i said, ' thank you.'

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Very genuine. Sometimes thoughts do cast long shadows. I wish you and your poetry well. Warmest regards, Sandra
A very honest poem. Keep putting your thoughts down and remember you aren't alone. Only you can erase your slate and write your own future. Only you...and don't forget God. Please read some of my poems - I hope they will help. Marilyn