Poem By Shikha Singh

Beware! you’re not alone....
Ever surrounded by a shadow that's unknown...

Bewitching and enticing...
Over brooding and penetrating.....
Ruling every breath and every will
Beware! coz it intends to kill! ! !

Silently creeping inside every vain.....
Leaving behind a bitter-sweet pain!
Momentarily changing agony into joy.....
Playing with the heart as a mute toy...

The mind 'n' body become it's slave
Overwhelmingly invites it to the cave........
Deep down 'n' down it'll make you fall....'ll take your peace...
mind.....heart....oh! it'll take all!

No matter how hard you try....
one can never escape.....
There's one shadow for each of us
Who we are eager to ape! ! ! ! ! ! !

The dreams it promises are nothing but illusions....
It only takes us away from are path to salvation........
Our own dreams it just engulfs...
and leave behind shadows who never looks above..........

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A wonderful poem, Shikha. Thank you for sharing.

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Open your life and accept change;
Its like a flower in midst fo a mountain range.
blooming and shining unconditionally;
spreading its fragrance and hue in the valley.


Deep down in the heart, there's a sound of grief;
Something that is making it go against all its belief.
Sounds of agony are echoing in the valley of knowledge;
Helpless is the situation, 'coz retaliation needs courage.


I’ve lost the ability to express,
Thoughts are nothing but a jumbled mess.
I’m surprised at how time moulds you,
I’m awed at how life holds you.


I’m longing for something, everybody longs for;
Roses between the Iron bars;
A cascade of stars in the icy lakes;
A lingering sweetness in the salty flakes.

Glowing Dreams

Deep in the darkness,
Lightening my dreams;
Betwixt the moon,
Stars flowing in a stream.


I've lost the ability to express
Thoughts are nothing but a jumbled mess
I am surprised at how time moulds you
I am awed at how life holds you!