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Shadow And Shine

When you arrived:
My rebirth.

Girlish giggles, batting lashes, raspberry blushes,
Melted away.

I became
Undaunted and audacious,
No longer hiding in the safety of cotton.
I was all black satin and lilac lace,
Bold pink lips, wild streaming hair.

Heels and straps, no laces or flats,
Chartreuse eyes, focused and knowing,
For the first time,
I began to want to see myself.

I knew you made me lovely,
Just by looking through your eyes.
I was the beat of a drum, the riff of a guitar
Or the gentle pluck of the harp.

The skin of fresh milk, of soft churned butter,
I hungered to touch it.
You tantalized me by praising it.
Mouth watering wonder words,
A fetching confection.

When you arrived
The tea rose perfume lost its sweetness,
Overpowered by exotic, husky musk.

My voice,
Lost its quivering uncertainty.
Deeper, calmer, smoky, sure
Lyrical lilt, infectious inflection,
Hypnotic words full of philosophy and prophecy.

My walk with purpose, no longer deliberate,
Graceful gait, saunter and sway.
A spellbinder,
I weaved in out of words like a skillful spider.
Tangle, tangle, twist and tango,
Dancing past unreflective mirrors.

I only hear,
A songbird’s call.
Or is it the crunch and growl of black leather?

Standing next to you,
Eye to eye.
Breathing rapid, breathing hot.
Bashful blushing pushed aside,
Brazen cool, to pull you in.

Through you,
I am,
A lass through the looking glass,
Who neither teeters, nor totters.
Only losing my balance,
On the pedestal,
When the invisible fingers of your shifted gaze,
Gently tap.

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