Shadow Of Life

I am a victim and you know that I know this.
Je suis une victime et vous savez que je le sais.

You say that you love me,

by Marieta Maglas Click to read full poem

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Love stands before us in the shadows. Expressed in two languages but are relevant in all.
So deeply profound and intensely incisive, your lines pierce the truth that is in our hearts and the reality that the more we hurt others, the less capable we are of love. Bravo! 10+++
A powerful poem. I really like it. I especially liked these lines: And every time you kill Love itself, of yourself, of herself You just stay only in the shadow of life.
You Definitely Have a way of making people Feel Your Words! ! ! Very Feeling, Very Strong! ! ! Incredible Write! ! ! Thank You for Sharing! ! ! Bless You! ! !
I loved these lines. And every time you kill Love itself, of yourself, of herself You just stay only in the shadow of life. Thanks poet for this nice poem.
Real love never dies even if it has to be in the shadow of life! Tres bien!
French is a beautiful language, do not stop writing dans la langue de Moliere.
Love, Reality, Illusion.. every time you kill love, you live in the shade of life. You say that you love me, But the words lose their meaning, When they are passed through the filter Of reason and truth. Dear Poetess, you are very much expressive about the struggles and pitfalls of love. let the disappoint do not allow you to fall. Get up and go forward. Life has so much to give. we shall never succumb. thank you very much
(I went back to your Bio - You published in a Canadian anthology called A POET'S VIEW OF BEING, which strikes me as a highly philosophical, even metaphysical arena of poetry. It seems to me you have a double vision because as a doctor you are at the cutting edge of applied science, but as a poet, and a remarkable one, you are involved in the Humanities. I dabbled in science as a child and adolescent but my education and profession were 100% Humanities-oriented. I'm interested in science and pursue a layperson's knowledge. But you occupy both worlds and that's exactly the person that is needed in the modern world - a scientist sensitive to the poetry in and of life. And so ends my catechism, as Shakespeare's Sir John Falstaff (that delightful rogue) says.) // This is an intense poem; it's unrelenting in calling a selfish, careless, pitiless person to recognize the real evil in which he lives and thrives. There's a line in KING LEAR that is just tossed out by a character but it fits this person: BLACK ANGEL, YOU WILL NOT MAKE ME LOVE. It's frightening to think someone could actually live that way. But alas many do. Your distinction between ILLUSION OF REALITY and REALITY OF ILLUSION is precise and brilliant! I wrote in a notebook. I can use it to make sense out life's non-sense. Melvina Germain is right: this poem flows like a country song; it has both sorrow and strength. And the strength contains the sorrow.
Coming from deep within the heart, flowing like lyrics in a beautiful country song.....
And every time you kill Love itself, of yourself You just stay only in the shadow of life.- - - - great write with powerful expressions.
A divine verse! Wrapped around my heart! Dorothy A Poet Who Loves To Sing
Nice composition deeper than my thoughts will learn many thing from you.
From: David Simcox (Frankfort, KY United States; Male; 74) To: Marieta Maglas Date Time: 3/10/2010 10: 22: 00 AM (GMT -6: 00) Subject: Your poems Your works have a good deal of poetic energy. Of those I have read I favor 'Making A Child' for its profound simplicity, and 'Shadow of Life' for its bilingual lyricism. You are obviously a skilled linguist. My regards Egbert Simcox
beautifully written...i liked it :)
And these lines speak loudly! ! 'I would have wished you to be the man of my dreams or at least I would have preferred that our seemingly love to be rather an illusion of reality than a reality of illusion' Thanks again Marieta!
very nicely done enjoyed reading it thanks good piece..........10
Great work. I'v got similar one 'Shadow of Humanity' let u know when 'ts published.
Beautifully expressed poem. Well penned. Combination of two languages is also great idea. Enjoyed reading it 10+
but the words lose their meaning, when they are passed through the filter of reason and truth.... This is very true, Marieta. Love also becomes meaningless when it is linked to reasons and logics.