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Shadow Of The Day....
AG (23-08-1985 / MUMBAI(NOW IN PUNE))

Shadow Of The Day....

Sometimes I think,
Why do we wait in hope of a good day?
Sometimes, when the Sun’s up,
Why don’t we come in the open and play.
Sometimes I feel,
We don’t deserve this beauty around us,
Sometimes it feels so good,
When we live for the happiness of others.
Life shows us its many colours,
In its own unique ways.
All the sad memories,
Lost in the shadow of the day.
Why do we forget?
That the light is on the way.
From many stars, I feel,
They have something to say.
Turn around, n greet the world,
Like this is the last day.
This rainbow of faith across the universe,
Like a golden ray.
When we match His faith in us,
These fights won’t matter anyway,
All we have to do is wait, n pray,
In the shadow of the day.

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feels so good to read this poem ri8 at this hour....bfore i go to sleep! ....jus reminds me of the thanks i owe to God! great work wid lovely lucid language!