Shadow Of The Past

A year ago last fall
Your phone voiced a call
Asking to give a heart, a soul, my all
But like the forgotten treasures tucked away in your attic
The voice became lost in the static
Forever lost in translation
To a numbing state of sedation

Taking refuge in the comfort of this drug
Embracing the temporary peace it brings
But it cannot bring your arms to hug
Intoxicating serenity ends its spring
The comfort fades
I'm left with nothing

I'm reaching for something that will last
And though I can see it
It always seems to slip my grasp
Can't look back
Can't reinvent the past
Don't look back
To where the shadow is cast

In this light, In my arms
i see you smile
And for a while
Forgotten pain
Forgotten sorrow
I take your hand
I cherish this time
And as I awake
Your hand slips from mine

So why can't I see
There is no you and me
There will never be
There's no happy ending

But this has to end
I close my eyes
No matter how hard I squeeze
How hard I try
I see your face
Your beautiful eyes

So this has to end
I close my eyes again
I have to let your image die
Close my eyes
Cause this love is a lie

by Dan Ochs

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