Shadow Road

Wind blows with clarity that hurts the eyes,
And makes old crooked men of autumn trees.
I watch the landscape dancing with the sound,
Creating poems no dusk could receive.

My friend, a shadow road leads to sunset.
Music alone weights down the fallen light.
Admire the comfort of that suddeness
That wipes the mood like tears from closing eyes.

by Sandra Fowler

Comments (26)

scintillating! thanks for so much enjoyment. kind regards, john
You are gifted poet indeed.. Not many can write such lovely poems..Your works provide me with a kinda of spiritual contentment which always linger on my mind for a long time.. They are like great medication to the sore heart! ! ! Love Shan
the true friend and true companion of every human other than his soul is nothing but the shadow..............
I never want to skip over any Poem you writeSandra in fear of missing out, 'And makes old crooked men of autumn trees' is such a vivid description, so clever how you brought tog nature life and death.
Reading your poems I loose myself into those vivid imagery.
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