Shadowed Daughter

Standing the lake below her,
reflections of a blondeed beauty.
beside her foreber and always
she dreams
that baby girl in the lakes
relection would onnce be hers.
that baby girl relection never shall turn to reality.
the clear drops hit the water making a ripple wave aboard.
that baby girl relection
was gone.
blonded beauty; stands alone.
worries what she will think
good memories
i would like the glue on to
the pages of the sudden life upon me.
love me for me
return the favor with that
baby girl reflection
reoccuring without the ripple effect.
the depart us
from bows to ribbons
and curls and straight hair
shopping malls
and girly things
never had so much fun
knowing the smile on her
face and the joy in her heart.
is beucase of me
my heart rises
not falling this time
loveing you
loveing me
standing with her looking
at the lake below us
looks like that baby girl
is now reality.

by Erin Hanson

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