Late at night I sat upright in my bed.
The wind but a whisper, the air heavy with mist.
Who are you, I asked, that makes this night appear so strange?
You who make a heart beat so rapidly,
And tired eyes pierce into the darkness of the night!
May the light come forth to draw you out.
Let the morning sun creep into every
Corner of my room.
I long to hear the Whippoorwill,
Instead of the Owl at night.
Oh, shadows in my room, I hear you breath,
You are alive!
Your breath heavy and warm, making my eyes close.
In the distance I hear the Whippoorwill, give his morning call.
Then I can relax as I feel the shadows leave my room.
But not forever they will not leave my room.
But not forever they will not go, there is
Tomorrow night and the rest of the year through.

by Maureen L. Smith

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Bucky - I am so glad to see you are writing. I like what you have said and really hope to see more. Thank you for sharing with us. Richard Beyer