When we are feeling lonely,
A friend stands close at hand.
Standing there beside us
There at our command.

Sometimes leading the way
Other times, behind it does stay.
Overhead the sun it shines,
Our friend resides, seldom seen.

Shadow is alive and well
Expressing outlook on life.
It comforts and protects,
In moments of daily strife.

Walking along a well-worn path
Our shadow well ahead.
Its length goes forth to investigate
What is around the bend?

Shadow walks on its own,
Walking faster, must catch up.
No others are around,
You shout out your name.

The shadow turns and waits,
We Stand and look perplexed.
The shadow disappears,
It has joined you, where to next?

by John A'Hern

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.A nice poetic imagination, John. You may like to read my poem, Love and Lust. Thanks.