NH (I am so old, I cannot remember / in deepest dispare, in the coldest regions of the heart)


to those who suffer...

Shadows dance across her face
and she walks beneath winters canopy of trees
wondering ever a time and place
that wont push her to her knees

So much can happen in such a short time
she thinks, genly swaying with the wind
and shadows illusion is such the crime
she wonders, will the maddness end

Dancing on her dreams in sleeping realms
nightmares attack with violent swell
but as they subside with her perseverance
replaced by sweetness she wishes to tell

Tell the world you have not won
all is not lost as I persevere
of demons, monsters, from my make
I cannot only cry solitary tears

I walk this path and shadows yes...
this place is a time I often grieve
cold barren trees at my behest
no longer that solitary dancer amongst brittle leaves

Author's Comments:
'past myself, there are those that suffer continual depression, if you only lean into just that part of yourself...you will only find illusion.'

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