Lust Less Is Listless

Lust is born with the embryo
With-in the mother’s womb,
To grow with it as basic instincts.

Conscience is born with the birth of psycho
With-out the mother’s womb,
To grow as many-fold ethics.

Lust strives to quench the thirst
For food, water and, most the sex,
Never ending till the last.

Conscience strides to uphold Ego,
With search for love, name and safety,
Often putting down the Lust.

When fed, Lust brings cheer.
When fed, Ethic quells fear.
Who dares, gets cheer.

Too much under the sway of Ethic
One ends up one’s life sans cheer;
Suppressed is the Lust.

Lust, when maimed or chopped,
Its root is never cut, nor dead.
Rather it deranges or spearheads.

Which is why Lust sneaks out its head,
When thwarted, to get fed
And breeds cheers behind the door.

Erotic pleasure has no equals.
Forgo it not, by being ethical.

by Rm.Shanmugam Chettiar.

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