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Shadows Of An Ex
AC (6th August,1945 / Melbourne, Australia)

Shadows Of An Ex

Poem By Alison Cassidy

You always kept the curtains drawn
when the northerlies burned
and the children laughed,
naked and wet from the dam.

You always kept the curtains drawn
when the pot belly hissed
and smoky dust settled
on the books in their shabby rows.

You avoided the light (too bright)
and the sun (too hot)
and laughed long and hard
at a world you loved and feared.

Your voice grew tight
when I said goodbye
and your Irish eyes were hollow.

But you could not stop me,
nor ultimately the cancer
that destroyed your liver -
but never your will to live.

'Goodnight sweet prince
and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.'

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Comments (14)

oh wow Allie, i'm sure you don't want to be reminded of this poem right now...but I must say it anyway...what can one say when one is crying....
This does open a door to your ex and I have no doubt you made the most of a difficult relationship for a very long time. He, someone with a academic mind, but tormented and trapped in his hollow eyes. Thank you for sharing Alison. This poem is written with sensitivity and truth and professionalism. 10 Karin Anderson
Alison, once again you demonstrate to your established readership the extent of your human kindness, this time around with a lovely recollection of a past lover. It reminded me of one of my ex-girlfriends, all those years ago, who suffered with anxiety, bouts of alcoholism, and an eating disorder (perhaps bulimia nervosa? I'm not exactly sure.) when in her latter teens. That ubiquitous, tenebrous black dog forever nipping at her heels, eventually succumbing to kidney disease. She also seemed to prefer the night, never liking the intense Sun of Summer. In fact, whenever I hear 'High Flying Bird' by Taupin & John, I can't help but think of her. Bernie's lines: 'I saw it as you flew between my reason, / Like a raven in the nighttime when you left.' as well as 'You never closed your eyes at night and learned to love daylight, / Instead you moved away.' directly spoke to me about her plight. Your lines: 'and laughed long and hard / at a world you loved and feared.' achieve a similar efficacity. In any event, you touched me deeply with this lovely offering, Ms. Cassidy. My dearest wishes are with you, Jerry, his family & friends for his immediate full recuperation during these trying times. Sincerely, Greg XXO
A beautiful tribute...imagery that pulls you into the picture...you are the angel to my devil...Coach
A generous poem, a loving ending, no bitterness, just purity of spirit. Only you could have written this, Allie. Love, Fran xxx