LMH (7/27/89 / Russia)

Shadows Of Forgotten Dreams

Once we had a love so strong,
Nothing we could ever do was considered wrong.
We were everything we dreamed love would be,
Now I lie in these tears, in this sea.
You told me you loved me and I believed you,
My heart wanting to believe it was all true.
But you lied and it came out in the end,
All this time I thought you were my friend.
How could I have been so blind?
Was I so desperate for the love I didn’t find?
I honestly thought what we had was real,
Every kiss a promise, a seal.
A promise of eternal faithfulness,
A life of constant happiness.
You had other plans, now I see,
That our 'love' was never meant to be.
You took the last piece of my heart,
Left me broken and not knowing if it was real from the start.
I’m living in the shadows of our dreams,
No one hears my cries for help, its seems.
You’ve moved on and I’m trying too,
But I’m left shattered and alone by you.
Not thinking I’m good enough for anyone,
What’s left of my heart is on a constant run.
I don’t want to be hurt like this anymore,
So I say good-bye to love, to my heart, my core.

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