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Shadows Of Yesterday

Our love story began with such innocence
I don't believe it was just coincidence
Our hearts beat to the same tempo
You was the light that filled my shadow
The depth of your love made me feel blest
I search for your love now, like I'm on a quest
I wish you could see things through my eyes
Truly understand how hard I tried
What more must I do to prove?
My love for you is still true
Once clothed in your love like a second skin
Now empty feelings kept locked deep within
Darkness at night and during the day
Numbness consumes me and won't go away
It's hard for me to comprehend
When you come back, only to leave again
Each time, my heart withers and dies
I have no more tears left to cry
Silently, I watch you walk away
Inside shouting, "I wish you'd stay"
Never have I asked you to explain
Accepted things and buried the pain
It's time for me to live for today
Not in the shadows of yesterday
There's nothing more I can do or say
I've always showed my love in every way
No longer will I dwell in the past
If it was meant to be it would have last

by Mary Rodriguez

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