MPJ (7th Nov.1943 / New Silksworth / Sunderland Co/Durham England)

Shadows Revealed (1)

God’s secret of His Son is out –1Co.2: 7
The world believes absurd –1Co.1: 18
To see we need to cast off doubt –Jn.20: 29
And recognize His Word –Jn.13: 20

The secrets plain, for all in sight –Ro.1: 19
By grace through Heaven’s Lamb –2Pe.3: 18
Ere Abram saw on earth The Light –Ac.9: 3-19
And Christ declared “I am” –Jn.8: 58

A shadow of the life He’d lead –Isa.9: -
A whisper in the past –Job.26: 14
The books of old, now here to read –2Ti.3: 16
Foretell The First & Last –Isa.41: 4+Rev.1: 17

Yet though The Truth is here to find –Jn.8: 32
Through Jesus’ blood we’re free –Jn.6: 53
Spiritually the world’s so blind –2Co.4: 4+Jn.12: 40
It fails The Light to see –Jn.1: 5

He’s Christ, He’s King, He’s Lord of all –Rev.17: 14
True Shepherd of the fold –Jn.10: 14
Before Him every knee shall fall –Php.2: 10
Just as the prophets told –Isa.45: 23

The facts are clear for all to read –Rev.1: 3
Through faith to understand –Ro.10: 17
Foretelling Christ! The Fathers Seed –Jn.12: 24
Who’s now at God’s right hand –Ac.7: 56

Discarding from the scriptures nought –Rev.22: 18-19
Give credit where it’s due –Jn.5: 23
Believe the living true report –Isa.53: 1
The old as well as new –Col.2: 17

God’s precious word’s in Christ fulfilled –Mt.5: 17
God’s Truth without a flaw –Jn.8: 46
The prophets shared how He was killed –Isa.53
To rise in strength once more –Jn.10: 1…

by Michael P. Johnson

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