MPJ (7th Nov.1943 / New Silksworth / Sunderland Co/Durham England)

Shadows Revealed (2)

Our risen Lord is heard and seen –1Co.15: 4-8
Throughout the book of life –Jn.8: 58
A shadow but to Jesus’ queen –Lk.8: 10
The church His faithful wife

The Shadow walks throughout the earth –Lev.26: 12
With those who’ve learned to fear –Pr.14: 16
With truth about His virgin birth –Isa.7: 14+Lk.1: 34
Echoing loud and clear

While sands of time flow on and on –Hos.10: 12
The day of Christ draws nigh –Heb.9: 28
What happens when our time has gone
What happens when we die –Heb.9: 27

Isaiah told of birth anew –Isa.26: 19
The bible tells no lies –2Ti.3: 16
The Lord confirms to me and you -Jn.18: 24
In truth we’ll surely rise –1Th.4: 13-18

Who’ll care to see The Shadow now
Who’d hear God’s whisper more
Just call when humbly knees you bow
And open wide your door

From many books the bible’s made –Jn.21: 25
God’s secrets to unfold –Isa.64: 4
No syllable can ever fade –Mt.24: 35
Till all the earth is told –Mt.28: 19

The devil too, had not perceived –Isa.64: 4
The message of the cross –Jude: 6
But fallen now he’s surely grieved –Isa.14: 12
Ever to suffer loss –Isa.14: 15-20

God’s secret to the world is dumb –Mk.4: 12
The cross a foolish tale –1Co.1: 18
But God makes known the things to come –Isa.46: 10
His children to avail –1Co.2: 9...

by Michael P. Johnson

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