Shake Spear

I want to be a farmer writing poems
In a barn amongst the chickens
As well as short stories and long novels
Like the main man Charles Dickens

I want to float on a raft going down river
Thinking about adventures is not the same
Don't want to go to school to be a lawyer
Better to have fun live the life of Mark Twain

I want to be in Africa deep inside the bush
Ride an Elephant Ostrich and a Zebra
Walk among the natives without fear
If there is trouble I will shake my spear

by David Darbyshire

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David, you have two unfavorable comments below. Did you know that you can delete them? You can and should. I was drawn to this poem because of the title. I once had a poem called 'Shake that Spear! '. It was a parody of Shakespeare's sonnet 'Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer Day? ' which was chosen as poem of the day once. It hardly got any hits at all, but then I changed the title to 'Shall I Compare Thee to a Bale of Hay? ' and it became very popular for a while.
Good work! Way to go Ajax!
So will I. Captures the primeval desire second to finding ones own self I the reflection of another. I loved this creation.
Nice write, you capture the joy of literature (something the two morons below must lack in their cave) . Pun-ctual ending, as well. We get the point. -chuck
This poem sucks and so do you
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