Shakespeare's Lost Letter

Poem By Rita El Khoury

Dear Lady, deep in the sand and the dust
My soul was meant to burn, rot and rust
When I met thee, in me, arose love and lust
For I found a heart, to worship and trust,
Would I be Shakespeare, would I not, I must
Describe you, for your charm not to be lost.

Thy voice, sweeter than a violin or a bird
A melody, like nothing I have ever heard
Unique in its softness, sole in these worlds
So banned be I and banned be my words
For I no longer am a poet or Adam’s son
Until to thine open arms, I can freely run.

Thy face, brighter than the moon or the sun
A prize worth fighting for, worth being won
An unknown aster, gleaming high above us all,
Dare to look down at me, Darling, dare to fall
For I am ready to tear down every single wall
And rush, blinded but blessed, to answer thy call.

Thy lips, darker than blood, lighter than wine
Beauties, that made the seven wonders nine,
I am just a boy’s shred, Lady, give me a sign
Awaken the lover in me and let thy lips be mine
I shall then stand and shout to God that he
Never created such grace as when he created thee.

Thine eyes, softer than anything I am to see
Soldiers, captured me, begging for their mercy,
Lady, thy lovely warriors slowly made me melt
For such passionate love, my heart has never felt.
I defy all men, strangle me to death with a belt
If with more beauty, thine eyes have ever dealt.

Dear Lady, my existence was barren and bitter
Now that I met thee, my days are better
To me, nothing and no one shall ever matter
More than thine eyes, in which I found my shelter.
Voices haunt my sleep, I beg thee, shut the chatter
Answer this boy’s call, sent in this humble letter.

Would I be Shakespeare, would I not, I ought
To talk about the eyes in which my heart still is caught,
Finding love would never happen to me, I thought
But thou art the one my soul has always sought.

So long, Lady.

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