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Shakesy Centosonett You And Me
MW (14 July 1973 / Berent)

Shakesy Centosonett You And Me

A goat is a - sign of -shadows
are circling around my head
this wordy chain i shall give- you rose
this song better be my demise- i read

air shines through my overloaded flesh
return to the old homely stately school
a church has a tall nave, air whirling afresh
one hit two hits -missed - on purpose am cool

swim among those many travellers round the history
time nourishes my feelings as i drag out the never ending
the never ending end under the jasmin tree cherries grew a tapistry
itha, you do not recognize the snow that's fallen after your mending

A right cinnnamon goat he was
a Lego fort on a cow paradise hill he saws

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