Wake up from that exact morning finding out what just happened, i began to cry in so much agonizing pain, why did you leave me daddy, i sit here traumitized, every night i wake up screaming for you, but i'm scared of you, left me scars of how much you hate me, what did i do so wrong for these emotions to eat my heart away, i'm bleeding, sit here gasping for air, feels like being drowned, i'm choking up the blood, slice at my chest, i'm fainting, slowly my world turns black, i awake with lights beaming down on me, no one is around me, feels like a prison here, in this unloved hospital, i grab my stuff, feeling way to shaky, lost too much blood, push through the pain in your chest, run away from him, never want to see him again, daddy, why, what did i do for you to hate me so badly?

by Julietta Isla

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