Shall Align

I loved the river
Who brought warmth with fever!
When was in spate
Really mad adventure to state

"Hold me forever"
With honor
was the clear message
to imprint on page

"I shall align" I told
Made a bid to hold
She did not resist
And surrendered at firs

I shall align
And resign
With earnest
To serve as best

I shall speak
Not to feel weak
But to prevail
As not to show as fail

You made me feel
At will
That you belong
Even if I was wrong

Will you tenderly kiss?
And miss
The true love
And believe

by Hasmukh Amathalal

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Spring Pitts likes this. Hasmukh Mehta welcome Just now · Unlike · 1 56 minutes
Abstract in conext Kehinde Adesida1 minute ago Very good writing
true Kumaraguru Anbu2 minutes ago will do so sIir! ! Comment +1
Really nice Faithless Believer2 minutes ago Great poem about poets and their poetry. In a way this poem speaks of itself. Well done!
great poem Thato Kaang21 minutes ago awesome line really and a beautiful poem
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