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Shall I Compare You To An Autumn Day
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Shall I Compare You To An Autumn Day

When leaves of gold drift down
throughout the day
upon the path –
here, there and everywhere.

Summer scents
and floral dress put aside,
in favour of chocolate shades of brown.

Wind chasing ravens –
fingers through your hair,
outstretched palms
that gently caress and taunt.

Chiffon clouds drift –
here, there and everywhere.

Moss dapples the earth
in emerald green,
and chilly mornings are sugar frosted.

Sketchy silhouettes
blot inky black nights.

Counting days
‘til my lips are blessed with snow –
and you are dressed in white,
from head to toe.

(From the book 'Mr Blue Sky by O. Phillips © 2009)

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