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Shall I Sleep Now?
RT (06.09.1973 / India)

Shall I Sleep Now?

Poem By Raj Thampi

Shall I stop now, singing my story?
story is over
audience left
it is only me and empty chairs
close those lights, please...

Pay for my night
I have to buy a cake of soap
dropp me home
I am tired, can't walk
pass me the sherry, please...

Shall I sleep...
the entire road back to home?
put me straight in the bed
pull the sheets till my nostrils
I might feel cold, don't forget
do not leave me in cold
I am so tired.

keep these tokens of appreciation
in the red, broken flower vase
there are many, few gold pieces
do not take any, they are mine

Give me a day's off tomorrow
I think I will not be slept enough
do not wake me up, close those windows
children shout, disturbs my sleeps
blow off the candles also, please
before leaving my bedroom.

Here your coins, take them
and leave without a frowning face
undress me if you are not late for home
bath me if your suit is not new or rented
I am so tired.
I need to sleep

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