Shall Our Memories Live?

Poem By Rey Sanidad

Shall our memories live, when the rain drops above us
And marks our last home with the rushing of mud water?
Shall the voices of those who profess that they love us
Ever mention our names, as we dreamlessly sleep?

Will their eyes ever dim at some fond recollection,
Or their hands ever plant a small flower over the breast,
Or will they gaze with a sad circumspection
At the stone tablets, which tell of our last solemn rest?

Ah! soon shall the hearts which our memories cherish
Forget, as they strive with the love of their own;
And even the last dim remembrance shall perish
As we peacefully slumber, unwept and unknown.

But if our lives, though travelling endlessly,
Are filled with some work in humanity's name,
Some uplifting effort, or self sacrifice, or self denial
Our memories shall still live in the temples of Fame.

Comments about Shall Our Memories Live?

poignant writings, kaibigan...our friendship memories will remain...ingat ka...
do not worry sir memories live on forever in the aspect of legacy.. written very eloquently and very wise

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