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Shall We?
RTJ (17 September 1978 / Dehradun)

Shall We?

Poem By Richa Tiwari Joshi

It is again one of the days, when the soul is restless and the rhythm is uneasy
The pattern of thoughts pile one upon another and the mind relives the dream of last night
I waited for long at the gate of that last train and then touched you for one last time
You did not stop me when I tried to move on,
Why you’d let me go to that path of unknown when I could have easily rested in the comfort of your arms
Why, you did not say anything when I hanged around to steal a look
Why, you did not say anything when I wore your name on my lips

Now, there is nothing to say but still so many words shout inside,
Between us there is distance of miles and still I see you everyday...
Between us there are many years and still it feels like yesterday
Now I hear the cries of this empty heart and feel the mist in my eyes
I still try to find meaning in the words you just said to mean nothing
The burden of compromise is heavy on my love and today I will cry for all, that was mine
Today, I cry shamelessly for what you took away with you
Today, I let you go with this hope that we shall meet again.
We shall meet again coz love never fades….

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Comments (3)

Good Words! Excellent Poem! you should keep writing good words!
You have a gift of putting down your thougths very beautifully. And you manage to say alot about the way other feel too. Its really nice to know that someone out there shares the same thoughts. Use the diary to the maximum....
Oh this is so touchingly beautiful! .... beautiful! !