Shall We Dance?

Gbagun gbagun gbagun (beats)

Koko koko ko koko koko ko (gongs)

Life drums

Let us move to the rhythm of the beat

Shall we dance

Shall we dance to the tune of the beat

Shall we create our tune

Invent our dance steps

Or we dance to whatever life plays

Life dictates we follow

It calls we answer

Shall we carve a path to follow

Or shall we follow wherever life leads

Koko ko ko Life drums, let us sway to the beat of life

Let us enjoy the flow

While we create a path

And play our part

Let us blaze the trail

Even as we grow day by day

Life is a master

We are apprentices

Let us earn and obtain our freedom

Let us show life we can learn and be free

Let us stand up and take what life has to offer

While we offer life what we can give

Life drums

Shall we sway to the rhythm of the beat

Or shall we create our own tune

Shall we dance

Shall we dance, the dance of fulfillment

After life has opened up its hand to us

Shall we dance the dance of joy

When we birth to life what we so have nurtured

Shall we dance, shall we dance

The dance of bliss When heart melts

And hands clap

As we stand on the podium of accomplishment

Saying to life you called I answered

You led I followed

Only I branched to create what my life needed

Yes shall we dance

I say dance we shall

Shall we Dance?

by kolawole ogunfowokan

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Thanks for the comments. I will drop some more soon. The science laboratory keeps me away from online poetry. But I still work it offline. Thanks
Nice piece of work. Thanks for sharing this poem with us. E.K.L.
following the path of truth, good one.