Shallow People

We all are different! We all are unique!
We have our own habits, our characteristics underneath!

All the brains around, just narrow themselves and don’t think;
If they see someone friendly, free and happy…
They like to gossip, speak ill and be bad
And if you don’t join them,
They’ll do anything to harm you to simply feel content!

Their hearts are jealous,
Their minds are shallow;
They are smart enough to carve a bad name
When you just are very good.

They are so nice when they need some help
Such double faced monsters
Who harm you for sheer entertainment and ego satisfaction!

They are so normal and you feel they are your friends;
Even tough you are harmless
You don’t realize that they are harmful!
And with their cunning loud words,
Even simple people are influenced.

You keep wondering whets gone wrong, or why you have no more friends,
But my dear innocent soul,
It’s high time to realize those commoners are not true friends.

They listen to others and don’t use the mind of their own.
They smile at you but get embarrassed being around you;
As they know you have a bad name
And they’ll get one if they are seen with you!

If with others talks and cruel jokes,
Their stupid minds get influenced
It’s better to find no one to talk
Let alone being friends.

All those green hearts can’t stand your niceness and happiness
Believe me,
Lord wouldn’t forgive their souls
For their stupid sheer shallowness

You know who you are
You know what you do
You keep minding your own business
And let them do whatever they want to do.

by shruti modi

Comments (3)

rich in words rich in content you mean truely what you alwys meant.. hats off again
very nice read, true dont follow fake shallow people they cause nothing but heartache, your poems are great, keep it up.
Hi Shruti You have written a modern equivalent of some of Shakespere's views on those around him. You have made good and vehement observations, told with honesty and yet with conviction. It gives lots of food for thought. Very well concluded too. Best wishes Fay.