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Shamanistic Aura
(December 11,1988 - present / Weirghton, WV)

Shamanistic Aura

Poem By Mark Gannon

Will you run with me?
To the land we call home,
and live in peace amung the wilderness,
with flowers in your hair,
joy in your heart,
and dance the dance we once did
when we were younger?

Will you lay with me?
At the final resting place,
to only be reincarnated
with the body of god's and goddesses,
and drink from the vine
that our aura's once have?

Will you fly with me?
to a land that exists in our heads,
and makes our souls free with the birds?

Fly me to the moon,
Fly me to the stars,
fly me to the sun,
my flying spell's begun.

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A very nice wish. Again I like the ending.